Sunday, July 10, 2005

More Garden Blogging

Just trying to keep my flowers alive as temperatures stay high and rain continues to not fall. Here's the weather report from my backyard:
It is hot out today!

Anyway, my flowers and plants are doing quite well, though the lawn has turned a distinct shade of brown. Normally I wouldn't care about the brown lawn, but of course this year is different since the house is on the market. I've set up the sprinkler in the backyard and am hoping that the grass recovers. At least no one else's looks any better.

By the way, once we move, I really want one of these so that I don't have to waste so much water out of the tap or worry about watering restrictions.

Getting back to the gardening are some pictures I took just this morning:

The impatiens in baskets out front. This is a great improvement over 2 weeks ago - nice and bushy, plenty of blooms.
Impatiens in Hanging Basket

What can I say? I like flower close-ups. I particularly like the second one here since I prefer the bright orange flower color. These are actually not from the hanging baskets -- we ended up with a bunch of leftover impatiens after filling up the baskets, so there are two ordinary pots living on the front porch.
Impatiens - Close up I

Impatiens - Close up II

The basil has just shot up. I think we need to cook something that needs lots of basil soon to use up some of this.
Basil - Growing straight up

So far I've harvested several leaves of mint for iced tea, but the plant is so bushy you can't even tell.
Mint Expanding

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