Saturday, November 26, 2005

Winter Walk

Went for a short walk up in the Pattee Canyon Recreation Area here in Missoula. I'm looking forward to doing some cross-country skiing up there, maybe in a few weeks. The trails didn't look groomed yet, although I did see a few skiers out. I haven't cross-country-skied since around 1999 and I'm delighted to be living in a place with so many cool places to go!

Anyway, a few pictures:

The start of the trail
Starting down the trail

Sign pointing out where the heck I am
Sign pointing out the various trails

A mountain visible through the trees
Nice shot of a mountain through the trees

Baby trees!
Some of the trees aren't very big yet

From the parking lot
Looking back from the parking lot

On my way back down
View from the road

Still on my way down
View from the road II

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