Friday, January 13, 2006

At the Airport

I spent the last week back in Illinois, going into the office like a normal person. It was a little odd to actually have to drive somewhere every day to go to work, instead of just walking up the stairs!

It was good to see my co-workers of course, although I did miss Laura.

Anyway, I've discovered the biggest downside of this whole telecommuting thing...there aren't many flights in and out of Missoula, and all of them go through a hub before getting to Chicago. I can fly through Salt Lake City (Delta), Minneapolis (Northwest), or Denver (United). I think I could also take Alaska Air through Seattle, but that is just going backwards!

So, this was my first trip back. I took Delta. Monday morning was OK, though the flight was late getting out and I had to jog through the airport to make my connection.

Today I looked at my itinerary and realized I had about a THREE HOUR layover in Salt Lake City. Won't get home till 9 PM. Argh! Laura suggested trying to go standby on an earlier flight, which was a nice idea but impossible. There are no other flights out tonight.

So, I got bored enough that I ponied up a few bucks for wireless access here in SLC so that I could do a blog post. It's about 6 PM Mountain time now - we'll probably start boarding in an hour.

I really do love the whole live-in-Montana-and-work-from-home thing. Having to travel back like this and spend most of the day in an airport is a small price to pay. But still...maybe Northwest will have a better flight schedule...

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