Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hiking to the "M" Trail

View from the top III
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Today I went for a short hike up the "M" trail here in Missoula. This picture is from the top (or at least near the top) -- although since the trail actually continues on past where the "M" itself, I guess it isn't really accurate to say this is the "top."

Anyhow, this is actuslly the second time I climbed to the M. The first time was back in August of 2001, way before we even had the idea of moving to Missoula. I was participating in the Montana AIDS Vaccine Ride, a fundraising bicycle ride from Missoula to Billings. We were in town for a few days before the ride actually started, so on one of the days, I hiked to the M with a few other riders.

Somewhere I have know, the old fashioned printed kind you get from film! I should dig those up and scan a few.

Anyway, I noticed a huge difference this time. Last time I hiked to the M, it was after several months of training for the ride. I weighed considerably less and was in much better shape. That time, the hike was much, much easier than this time! I remember we even kept going up the trail after reaching the M!

I'm too lazy to post all the individual pictures here, but I did create a photoset of them on Flickr.

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