Saturday, January 22, 2005

A couple great posts

From the title, you might think this one is all about the weather, but it isn't. A very touching story about "the gays" taking flea's son...and then giving him back.

And a couple good ones here from Positive Liberty:
  • The Soft Midsection - a very insightful look at the gay movement and the problem with focusing too much on the personal and the national and not enough on the "midsection" (i.e., the states).
  • A good reply to another blogger regarding same-sex marriage.
One of the things I admire about Positive Liberty (aside from the quality of the writing) is the way Jason is so darn respectful and polite, even when addressing people who disagree with him. That is not something I am particularly good at, which is why I rarely jump into comment threads about contentious issues. Arguing with people opposed to same-sex marriage has a tendency to make me start foaming at the mouth and screaming, which really doesn't do much for the argument. Perhaps it is because the issue strikes so close to home; maybe it is because it all just seems so logical and obvious to me. Who knows.

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