Saturday, February 26, 2005

Taking a Break from Home Improvements

The last several weekends have been filled with home improvements -- mostly painting. It started the last weekend in January with painting the powder room. The following week we painted the laundry room. The week after that we painted the master bathroom and two bedroom walls.

Bedroom walls in progress:
Painting the bedroom

Cricket sulking...she did not like us spending weekends upstairs painting.
Cricket sulking

Somewhere in there (I don't remember which weekend) we installed a new light fixture in the dining room.
New light fixture in dining room

Then, last weekend we finished up the second color in the bedroom and the "dressing area".
Finished bedroom

I also spent two days scraping old caulk out of the tub and replacing it.

So, after the question I asked Laura last week, we decided to take a break this weekend. We still need to paint the extra bedroom and clean the garage, but instead we went to see the movie Finding Neverland, which was excellent.

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