Saturday, February 05, 2005

Tree Frog

I love this picture from Just Pictures. Have I mentioned before that Laura has a "thing" about frogs...causing us to collect them...

Big Stuffed Frog

Leapin' Frog Hotel

Another Strange Hanging Frog Thing

Strange Hanging Frog

Stuffed Frog and Frog Lamp

If Laura had a blog, she would probably want to call it frogblog. Since that name is already taken, it is probably a good thing that Laura has no desire to do this strange blogging thing.

In something utterly unrelated to frogs, the home improvement quest I mentioned last week is we painted the laundry room, which gave me the opportunity to slide my washer and dryer back and forth across the floor. We were about halfway done in this picture:

Painting the Laundry Room

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