Saturday, August 13, 2005

Missoula, Montana

For anyone who doesn't know, Laura and I are planning in moving to Missoula, Montana just at soon as we manage to sell our house. I plan to continue working for my current company by telecommuting.

Laura is currently in Montana visiting her family. She spent Thursday and Friday in Missoula looking at houses with our realtor out there, trying to get a better idea of how much house you can get for the money in the various neighborhoods. She's going back again next week for another day or too. We're currently weighing some of our options -- new construction or existing? Which neighborhood? Etc. Laura is driving me a little nuts because she calls me and gushes about a house, then the next day calls and disses the same house. Make up your mind! I think part of the problem is that she doesn't want to get too attached to anything right now, since we don't know when our house is going to sell, so we don't know when we'll actually get to move. Many of the houses she's looking at now will probably be sold by the time we're ready to buy. I'm too chicken to put down an offer now and risk owning two homes!

Anyway, since I will eventually live in Montana (and I currently live with a Montanan in Exile), I regularly read the various Montana bloggers. Sharon at Watermark did this week's Rascal Fair, a roundup of Montana blog posts. Aside from a great list of posts, I discovered something else there -- a Flickr group devoted specifically to Missoula! There is also a Big Sky group for Montana pictures in general.

I may need join the Missoula group. I have a ton of Missoula pictures from our visit last November (a few of them are already on my flickr account, but not many...yet). And I definitely need to tell Laura about this. I think she'll enjoy looking at these pictures once she comes back, when she gets homesick for Montana and impatient for our move. I don't want to link to other people's pictures without their permission, so go to the group pool at Flickr to see them.

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