Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Scooped Again!

Once again, I have been scooped by Laura. In the event that you don't visit her blog (she gets more traffic than me, so chances are you do visit her blog!), here's the deal:

We sold our house.

That is, we got an offer, which we accepted. Obviously it isn't over till we close, but still, this is working out far better than I expected. We actually got TWO offers on the same day (yesterday). Since it was a dual-offer situation, both buyers offered more than the asking price. We are actually getting pretty much what I had hoped to get way back at the end of April when we first put the house on the market.

So apparently all my anxiety about owning two houses will go to waste. What a relief! Instead of owning two houses, we will be temporarily homeless!

The buyers we accepted said they would prefer an October close date, but were flexible and didn't want that to be a sticking point. As it happens, October works out fine for us -- more time to finish packing, and less time in temporary housing while we wait for the new house to be finished. Our Missoula real estate has a small house she will rent to us for the two months until the house is done in December.

At the moment, I still have trouble believing this has really happened. Months of showings with little interest, and then two on the same day! I will never understand the real estate business!

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