Sunday, February 05, 2006

Busy Weekend

Laura had to work Saturday, so I rented some cross-country skis from The Trailhead and went to the Lubrect Experimental Forest for a little skiing. Amazing how you get just a little bit outside of Missoula and there is plenty of snow! We haven't had any significant amount of snow on the ground here in Missoula in weeks.

I took a few pictures...

Tonight we're going to see the Marriage of Fiagro. OK, so I wasn't paying attention when Laura said "Sunday." We are going NEXT sunday, NOT today.

Tomorrow morning I leave for a week back at the office in Illinois. I just finished squeezing a week's worth of clothes into a rolling carry-on. This time I'm flying United through Denver. Hopefully the plane out of Missoula will be a normal size one with normal-sized overhead compartments. In January, I took Delta, and I couldn't fit my bag in the overhead bin.

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