Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Catching Up

So, I've been very lazy about updating my blog since we moved to Montana. I probably would keep on being lazy, except for the sudden interest in the bunny post.

With so many people visiting my blog for bunny pictures, it just seems like I should say something profound. I may never have this many people reading my words again!


Since it has been a long day, here are a few brief thoughts, although they are probably not particularly profound.

Health Care

This story horrifies me. Will someone please explain how a doctor or nurse is harmed by providing treatment to a person who lives in a manner that the doctor or nurse disagrees with?

Also from Daddy, Papa, and Me -

This post from early January talks about "internally displaced persons" -- basically gay and lesbian folks who moving from "unfriendly" states to "friendly" states as more and more states pass extremely nasty anti-gay laws and constitutional amendments. This topic is particularly odd for me because in one sense, we did the opposite. We moved from blue Illinois to red Montana. However, so far our Montana experiences have all been good. Missoula is in many ways far more liberal than the specific suburb we lived in before.

For example, a couple weeks ago we went to see Brokeback Mountain at The Wilma. The movie actually got out here in Montana much sooner than we expected. We went to see it after it had been here for a few weeks. We went on a Tuesday night, because there is a small discount on that night.

The theatre was PACKED. Absolutely packed. We went to the 7 PM show. When it got out, the lobby was already packed with people waiting for the 9:35 show. I was amazed.

As for the movie, I thought it was good. I've read the short story on which it was based, so I knew what to expect. When making a movie from a short story rather than a novel, it is pretty easy to stick to the story and get everything in!

I do think it is ironic that in a movie that had so many people up in arms about all the "explicit gay sex," the heterosexual sex scenes were way more numerous and explicit.

Lately, I've been reading The Ancestor's Tale, by Richard Dawkins. It goes through evolution backwards. That is, starting with today, he traces evolution back through all our common ancestors with other creatures.

Highly recommended -- he's got a great way of explaining things that make sense. I'm about halfway done at this point.

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