Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday Dog and Cat Blogging

Everyone else does it, so why not?

Time to meet the rest of the creatures who live in my house:

Bailey, the most good natured of dogs. We've had him since 1996.

Xena, who is also sometimes known as the Demon Cat...She's been bossing Bailey around since she was a tiny kitten

And finally, Cricket, who has been with us since spring of 2002. The wildest of the group.

Another version of the Xena picture, with a minor modification.
Xena as a Drawing

Hopefully this will work...I decided to give a try for the photos.


  1. Very cute! Do they all get along with each other?

  2. They pretty much do get along with each other...Bailey was about 1 year old when we adopted Xena, and she was only 7 weeks. There was a lot of hissing for a few weeks, then they settled down and became friends.

    When Cricket came along, it was a little more challenging. She and Bailey became friends right away, but it took some time before Xena would accept another dog. Now they will actually play together occasionally.