Sunday, April 17, 2005

Down by the River

So, we didn't get a ride in this weekend. At the moment my road bike is in the shop for a tune up, so a ride would mean hauling out my mountain bike. Not a huge deal, except that at the moment it doesn't have clipless pedals. I've gotten rather spoiled by my clipless pedals (basically, pedals with cleats that lock your feet to the bike. It sounds scary at first, but once you're used to them, it is hard to go back to normal pedals. Mine are Shimano mountain bike pedals, similar to these).

So, instead we went for a walk on a small portion of the Fox River trail. As on any day with good weather -- particularly in early spring -- the trail had a fair amount of traffic. Most of the bicyclists passed us safely. I like the fact that I use these trails both as a pedestrian (with dogs!) and a cyclist; it gives a good sense of perspective. As a rider, I try to be considerate of the walkers, and as a walker, I try to be considerate of the bicyclists. That means pulling my dogs off to the side and out of the way when they pass. On really beautiful summer weekends, I do tend to avoid certain patches of this trail during the busiest time -- usually afternoon. Early morning is the best time if you want to ride fast and not endanger small children.

Anyway, I grew up along these trails and never bothered to take any pictures until today...

From the beginning of the trail at Les Arends park. Hard to see, but there are some stairs going down to the actual path:
Starting at Les Arends Park in North Aurora

I think this was looking to the North, but I'm not positive.
Looking down the bike path

If the above picture was looking North, then this was looking South. Or maybe I have it all backwards.
Looking the other way

Yes, there really is a river here.
View of the Fox River from the Path

Another shot of the river:
Fox River

A close up of the little purple flowers along the side of the path -- something hard to see when on a bicycle!
Flowers along the Fox River

Finally, some Canadian geese hanging out along the river. Behind me is a huge back yard for a giant house. I think I envy the people who live with the river in their backyard!
Geese along the river

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