Sunday, April 03, 2005

Some minor blogroll updates...

Finally fixed the link to Alas, A Blog to point to the "new" location (which isn't that new anymore).

Removed MouseWords (since Amanda doesn't seem to be updating it anymore) and replaced it with her new home Pandagon.

Added Shrubville, which is an amusing single-issue blog mocking the comic strip "Prickly City" (a strip which unfortunately wastes space in the Chicago Tribune).

Added Sara Skates, a blog by another SaraS. Unlike me, she can skate. Last time I tried skating on ice it was not particularly pretty.

Added The Zero Boss just because it usually makes me laugh (and the kids are cute, though I have trouble keeping track of how many he has).

Added Mickey's Musings, home of Carnival of the Dogs.

Also updated the Montana blog list with Speedkill because I've been reading it for a while and didn't realize that it WASN'T on my list already.

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