Saturday, November 27, 2004

Another good argument on same-sex marriage from Alas

I consistently find really good, clear, detailed arguments about same-sex marriage over at Alas, A Blog. Today, this post works through an argument against SSM from over at Family Scholar's blog (I don't think I've visited over there before). Basically, the post discusses the argument that the government ought to do what it can to encourage people to stay married and raise children in bio-mother-father pairs.

Barry points out that even the most die-hard anti-gay marriage advocates recognize that there are "acceptable'" and "unacceptable" ways of doing this - for instance, no one is suggesting banning divorce. The question is, why do these advocates see banning gay marriage as falling on the acceptable side when it is clearly discriminatory?

I'm not doing a great job at summing this up....Basically, read the whole thing.

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