Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What do I plan to write about - Part I

So, what I am going to write about? All sorts of topics. A few on my mind right now:

Same-sex marriage and other gay issues
As you might guess from the name I mentioned in my first post, I have a partner I'm not allowed to marry. This is a huge issue with me. We are currently working on our 9th year together.

I will make an effort to avoid ranting incoherently about this every day since that would not accomplish a heck of a lot (instead, I will try to rant coherently). Suffice it to say we live a life that bears a striking resemblance to the heterosexual marriages I see all around me - my parents' (forty years and counting), my sister and her husband (hmm, I think around 10 years now), etc.

The notion that the person with whom I share my life and entangle my finances is legally no more than a stranger to me fills me with...rage and frustration.

Some blogs I read on this issue:
No, I don't live there and never have. I was born in Texas, but have lived my entire life in the Greater Chicagoland Area. But Laura grew up out there and longs to return. Her family is there. Montana suits her in a way that Chicagoland does not.

Most of our vacations involve visiting her family out here. We drive around mountains and I feel like I am in an exotic vacationland (mountains! everywhere you look!) while she feels like the world is normal again.

She doesn't particularly like the Greater Chicagoland Area. She doesn't like our long commute (50+ miles round trip). She doesn't like the way one suburb bleeds into the next with no definable line between them - towns in Montana are separate entities, with vast open space in between. She finds the number of people swarming around this area overwhelming - understandable considering that the GCA contains more people than the entire state of Montana.

And don't even get her started on the climate - cold without snow to make it pretty, hot and humid in the summers, the list goes on. I disagree with her assessment of this area in some areas, but agree in others. I've never liked the climate, either. But, I grew up here, so the negatives are a little less glaring to me.

At any rate, Montana is frequently on our minds and we try to keep up with happenings out there. Lately I've been reading (and enjoying) a number of Montana-related blogs. I also spent some time looking at Montana's election results after the 2004. I find it amusing that I live in a *Blue state*, but within a *Red county* (Kane). Missoula - Laura's favorite MT town - is in a *Red state*, but a *Blue county* (Missoula county).

Some Montana blogs I've been reading:
Well, it looks like Laura fell asleep on the couch, and the dogs need to go out, so I'll have to continue this later.

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