Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Guess I should have put away the grill before now. Posted by Hello

So, Chicagoland got hit with the first snow of the winter. Early in the day, Laura was happy - yes, she likes snow. I thought that was just a quirk of her until I started reading some Montana bloggers...but apparently this is common among people from Montana.

I admit that I sort of like snow, too. My house is technically a condo (even though it is a detached single family home) and so the association takes care of snow removal. I like the way the snow looks on the branches of the trees.

BUT...I do NOT like driving in snow. At all. Especially the very first snow of the season when everyone is out of practice.

Anyway, it started out as rain this morning, then started looking more like rain with a little snow mixed in, then by later in the afternoon, it started to actually stick. By 3:30, the view outside my office window was boding ill for the commute home. The bare trees were certainly prettier with snow on the branches, but the roads were nothing but ugly. I could see a nice pile of snow piled up on my car.

The drive home was a bit trying...I left the office at 4:30, got to Laura's office a bit after 5 (this usually takes 15 minutes), and we headed out at 5:15. It was nearly 7 by the time we got home. Ugh.

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