Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mother's Day, Garage Sales, and Strangers Tromping Through Your House

My parents had a garage sale yesterday and today. Laura helped out yesterday (since she is currently unemployed). Today we both went over. My mom didn't sell much, but for some reason, we still had a nice time over there. Much of the afternoon was spent in helping them assemble this gazebo thing for the backyard. It was also entertaining to watch the dogs. Cricket did her part sitting in the garage guarding the stuff:
Cricket minding the

Bailey didn't like it much. He's not an outdoorsy dog and he really just wanted to go inside. He finally found a nice soft cushion, but drat! It was slippery!
Bailey is Tired

I couldn't resist taking a couple shots of these neat stone foxes my mom has. The "ground cover" plants are taking over, so the foxes are just sort of peaking out:
Fox in the ground cover
Fox in the ground cover II

Anyway, after we closed down the sale and finished the gazebo, we went out for an early dinner. That was my mother's day gift to my mom -- she doesn't really like going out to eat on the actual Mother's Day because it is too crowded.

I almost forgot the most important news. While we were sitting around in the garage, Laura's cell phone rang. It was the listing office -- someone wanted to see the house that afternoon! Our first showing since putting it on the market! I realize it is highly unlikely that the first person to look at it will buy it, but can always hope! At any rate, even if they don't make an offer, we could at least perhaps get some feedback as to what they didn't like, which could be useful in prepping the house for future showings. Besides, it has been maddening sitting around waiting for someone to show an interest, so just having a showing was nice.

Of course, I spent much of the afternoon stewing about the showing, wondering how long the people stayed and what they thought. Maddening. This process is just maddening.

Since both the dogs are pictured above, I wouldn't want to leave out the cat. While sitting here in my office this evening, Xena came upstairs and jumped up on the window sill. She can only do that when the window is open due to her large butt. Convenient to have the camera handy:
Xena in the Window

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