Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Not a patient person

So, sitting around waiting for your house to sell isn't much fun. We wait for the phone to ring telling us someone wants a showing. When (so far) the call is someone else, we're disappointed.

I think sellers do open houses just to feel like they're doing something.

Some of the thoughts racing through my brain since we put the house on the market last week: Did we set the price too high? Did we pick the right realtor -- what the heck is she doing to earn that commission we're gonna pay? Did we pick the wrong time to sell -- maybe we shoulda sold last year, or next year, or not at all, or...you get the idea.

I realize it has only been a week and I'm probably being rather silly. I know I should be patient. But still. It is not in my nature to be patient.

We actually have had a little activity. The For Sale sign has a little holder full of info fliers, and we went through a whole stack of them. Some were probably taken by nosy neighbors (I can't really criticize - I've done the same thing!), but I have hope for the ones taken by people driving by in cars. Especially the ones who then stopped down the street to see the models for our development -- my house should compete fairly well with the new ones on both availability, price, and location within the development.

Last night while eating dinner someone pulled up in a truck and grabbed a flier. A few minutes later they drove by again, very slowly. This gives me great hope that they were interested and just need to get around to calling the big phone number on the flier and scheduling a showing!

Someone from the realty office came by yesterday to take pictures for the virtual tour. I'm hoping that some good interior pictures available on the web will draw some people in as well. At the moment, the listing on our realtor's site has an exterior picture, but the realtor.com listing doesn't, so people searching online might not see the picture. Hopefully that will be fixed soon as well.

When I originally posted about the house being for sale, we weren't yet out there on the Internet. Well, now we are - you can see my house on Realtor.com. If you're looking for a house in the Chicago suburbs, I highly recommend mine! Please, come buy my house!!

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