Saturday, May 14, 2005


Normally at this time of year we would be doing a bit more bicycling. Especially on a day like today, which has turned out beautiful in spite of the weather reports that called for rain.

But, since my house is for sale, we have certain limitations on what we do on the weekends. If someone wants to see the house, we need to be able to leash up the dogs and get them out of there so that they aren't in the way. So, even though we could bring Laura's cell phone on a ride, I'd worry that someone would call for a showing and we wouldn't be able to get back to gather up the dogs in time.

So, we've been taking the dogs on long walks on some of our favorite bike trails. A few weeks ago we went on the Fox River trail; today we walked on the Virgil Gilman trail. We drove over to a parking lot off Galena blvd to start and walked a ways past the Blackberry farm place shown on the map. The walk was just a little less than an hour.

Of course, since we took the precaution of bringing along the dogs and making the house look great for a one called. We're waiting to hear from our realtor about last week's showing and the one yesterday evening, which Laura wrote about here.

I took a bunch of pictures on our walk (of course), so here are a few highlights.

Starting point right off Galena blvd:
Virgil Gilman Trail - Galena road

Close up of some flowers:
Flowers along the path

Bridge crossing a stream. I don't really like bicycling over this particular bridge because it does sway a bit, but walking isn't too bad.
Bridge going over a stream

View of a stream from the bridge
Shot of the stream from the bridge

Flower closeups when Laura commandeered the camera
More flowers, further along

More flowers, photographed by Laura
Whole clump of blossoms

Sundial. It appears to be nearly noon.

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